needded stories

  • Claudia's Story - The Scent of Love

    I always dreamed of a true, deep and unconditional love. One day, in a perfume store in Barcelona, ​​I discovered a pheromone perfume that promised to be a bridge to self-confidence and attract what I desired. Despite its price, I knew it was the start of something new.

    This perfume became my secret. The looks and compliments didn't take long to arrive, and the men she wanted began to approach. And so, unexpectedly, he appeared; the chemistry was instant and intense.

    This perfume not only changed my love life, it transformed me.

  • Marta's Story - A journey of self-esteem and seduction

    After a breakup, I found myself at a low point, struggling with emotional uncertainty and shaky self-esteem. It was then that Claudia, a friend and now business partner, presented me with a pheromone perfume, promising to be more than a fragrance: a promise of regaining trust and control of my love life.

    With each use, this perfume became my shield, attracting those I desired and restoring my strength. Now I choose to be single, enjoying freedom and life in my own way, thanks to this perfume.

Transform your love life

At needded, we share these stories because we know that every drop carries with it the essence of confidence, self-love, and the power of attraction. They are stories of change, empowerment and, above all, love. We have created our own pheromone perfume, Beauty Girl. We want to share this transformative power with other women, offering an economically accessible and even more powerful perfume. We all deserve to feel safe, desired and loved. Join needded and help us share your story with other women.

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