Finding strength after a breakup

"Hello, dear friend. If you are reading this, perhaps you are going through one of the hardest tests: a breakup. I want to tell you my story. After a relationship of years, I found myself alone, with my heart shattered. At first, I I lost myself in a sea of ​​sadness, but gradually, I began to rebuild myself. I realized that self-love is the first step towards healing. I started with small things: self-care, spending time on my passions, surrounding myself with friends and family. I learned that being alone does not mean being incomplete. And to you, who are going through this, I want to tell you that the strength you need is within you. Allow yourself to heal, grow and love yourself. With each day, you will become stronger and, Eventually, you will be ready to open your heart again, this time with more wisdom and self-love." - Martha

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